Saturday, March 30, 2013

A-Z Days of School-Fun Activities for the Last Days of School

     If I counted correctly, our school corporation only has 37 school days left!  Do you know what that means?  It means it is time to send home the A-Z Days of School letter!!!  I look forward to this every year!  Yes, it does mean that summer is closer, but I know how much my students LOVE this activity!  For the last 26 days of school, I plan something fun for each letter of the alphabet.  For example, the letter B means my students can chew bubble gum in class that day.  The letter P means we will have a picnic lunch.  I cannot even count how many parents have commented on how much they LOVE the A-Z Days of School.  They tell me how excited their child is to come to school!  Honestly, I feel at times we have taken "the fun" out of school.  This is a quick and easy way to sneak it back into your school day (well at least for the last 26 days)! 

    I have a family letter, plus signs for each letter.  Be sure to check it out at my Teachers Pay Teacher Store.  If you purchase it and need to change the theme for the day (For example: "P Day".... change picnic lunch to Play-Dough Day) just send me an email and I can switch it for you.  Enjoy the rest of your school year!


  1. Those look really neat. We are winding down our year too. We get out on May 3:)

  2. WOW! May 3rd!!!! When did your school year begin? We have the entire month of May!

  3. This will be SO much fun!!!