Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mother's Day Class Activity

    I put together this packet to make your Mother's Day Celebration the best possible.  Invite mothers (or other special lady) to the Lovely Ladies' Cafe where they can order an appetizer (play a math game), main dish (read a book), a side dish (complete a reading activity) and dessert (share an acrostic poem) along with their child.

     As the mothers arrive, lay out the word search or making words activity on the table (included in my packet).  This will give students and mothers something to do until the cafe officially opens.     

     Once the cafe is open, have any students that do not have moms act as waiters/waitresses.  I purchase aprons for them to wear.  Have these students pass out the Lovely Ladies' Cafe menu and the Order Form (included in my packet).  Mothers and their child will mark on the Order Form which appetizer and side dish they would like to "order".  Have the waiters/waitresses "fill the order" (gather the materials needed for the two activities).  I always have everything laid out in baggies so my waiters/waitress can just grab what they need and deliver it. 

     For the appetizer section, students and mothers can select from two different math games to play together.  I have included both math games in my packet.

     For the main dish, have your students select a book they would like to read with their mother ahead of time.  After they read the book together, they will complete one side dish activity.  I have included both reading activities in my packet.

     When it is time for dessert, I have students share an acrostic poem they wrote about their mother.  I have included two different templates (in case the mother is not present) with this packet.

        After the dessert, I present mothers with their "Lovely Ladies' Carryout Bag."  It includes Lovely Ladies' Cafe Coupons (created by the child and included in this packet) and a mug (designed by the child and filled with Hershey Hugs and Kisses). 

     There are many other options of where you can take this day.  I always share a picture slideshow with mothers.  This gives them an idea of what we are learning and doing in school this year.  I also invite my mothers to stay and eat lunch with their child.  You can take bits and pieces of this packet or all of it to make your Mother's Day Celebration the absolute best!

Check out the menu below. I placed it in stapled plastic sleeves to give it that "menu" appearance. 
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