Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hollywood Theme

Lights!  Camera!  Action!  I am revamping my Hollywood theme for our upcoming school year!  I really wanted everything to flow nicely in my classroom.  I have been busy recreating many of the things that I already do, but added that Hollywood flare to it! 
I use this as a whole class behavior system.  Display a 100's chart for the class (or use the one provided in my Hollywood packet on TPT).  The class can earn numbers based on specific positive behaviors.  I created posters on how to earn numbers so the class is always aware.  When the class earns numbers, have a student or students pull out however many numbers the class earned.  Use a dry erase marker to color in the 100's chart.  When the class earns a BINGO, they earn a classroom treat (popcorn party, extra recess, no homework for the night, etc.). I have provided class prize tickets in my Hollywood packet.  (I did leave one blank in case you would like to add your own reward).  When the class earns a BINGO, I have one student select a ticket on behalf of the class. 
Helpful Tips:
*I laminate the100's board so you can wipe off the dry erase marker and reuse.
*Cut up one of the 100's charts to use as the numbers the students pull from.  I keep mine in a plastic container.
I love having a book or double copies of the same book on display each week.  The book normally goes along with what we are studying, the season, holiday, etc.  My students love letting their classmates know how they feel about the book.  After they read the entire book, I have my students place their picture magnet under YES or NO (depending on if they feel the book was worthy of having a friend read it).  I switch out the book each week.  To stock up, I always buy the $1.00 in the monthly Scholastic orders. 
I think this is just fun!  I love teaching writing.  I feel the more excitement you put into something, your students will feel your vibe!  I love getting my students pumped about writing.  For fun, I make the labels and place on Tootsie POPS.  The label says, "Your writing POPS!"  I try to find 1-2 pieces of writing that really shows improvement, uses great word choice, sentence fluency, etc.  My students feel super special when they get a Tootsie POP!
Here are my rules for my classroom.  You can download them for FREE!!!!!!  Just click on the image.

You can find my Hollywood set at my TPT store or by clicking on the image above.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!! :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Exit Slips

Even though summer break has arrived, I have not stopped thinking school!!!!!  I love brainstorming new ideas, creating and planning for the upcoming school year!

      Recently, I put together a set of EXIT slips.  I love having a variety of assessment tools to use in my class.  EXIT slips are quick, easy and a great way to check for student understanding.  The set I created contain sentence starters so students have to finish the rest after the lesson.  You can try them out in your own classroom for FREE!  There are 8 different EXIT slips!!  Thanks for stopping by my blog!