Monday, March 25, 2013

Earth Day Activities: Create a Solar Oven

     I love Earth Day, because it means warm weather and opportunities to get outside!  One of the activities that I do each year with my students is to make solar ovens!  I buy pizza boxes from the local pizza restaurant for 10 cents each and everything to make the perfect s'more.  I normally send home all of the materials for students to make their solar oven at home, but you could make them in class.
    Once you have a sunny day, head outside with the solar oven and s'more materials in hand.    Have students face their oven toward the sun and watch it cook!  Students LOVE this activity!  Besides getting to eat a tasty treat, they learn how the sun is a valuable source of energy!

      Be sure to download for FREE the directions on how to make a solar oven.  I have an awesome Earth Day packet at my TPT Store.  It includes the solar oven activity  (and observation sheet) plus 12 more Earth Day activities.  Be sure to check it out.             

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  1. Your class must love this! I did it in elementary school when I was little and I still remember how much fun it was! :)

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