Thursday, April 18, 2013

Raise Money for Your Class or School by Sponsoring a Used Book Sale

    Here is an easy idea to raise some extra cash for your classroom or school... sponsor a USED BOOK SALE!  This is my second year of sponsoring it at my school and it has been a success both years.  Begin by sending out a letter to all of the students at your school asking them to DONATE any of their books.  My donation period lasts for two weeks.  As you collect books, begin sorting them according to genre.  Find the perfect spot in your school to set up your book store.  Last year, I had it in our cafeteria.  It was a lot of work since I had to pack up the books every day by lunchtime.  This year, I discovered an unused classroom.  It is the PERFECT spot, since I can leave out the books all day.  It also looks and feels like a quaint little book store.  (Be sure to check out the cheap banner I purchased for the room.)  When it is time for the USED BOOK SALE, send out another flyer announcing your GRAND OPENING!  All of my books are on sale for 50 cents each.  I display the books according to the genre.  The bookstore is open before school for 30 minutes.  I am very fortunate to have parent volunteers come in and oversee it.  Last year, we raised $500!  As of today, we have raised $371!  Not too shabby for selling used books for 50 cents each!  Please let me know if you have any questions!  Good luck!
Check out my cheap banner!!!

Chapter books were displayed on the shelf.


  1. Thank you, Jodi! I would be glad to share the flyer I send home with all of the students. Congrats again on being named Vigo County Teacher of the Year!!!! WHOOO WHOOO!!!

  2. I found this and love the idea! Could I possibly get a copy of your flyer too?